Our Company

Our Heritage

With a 40 year heritage, Argyle Maintenance Services provides Melbourne with a truly integrated business that delivers the highest quality Commercial, Residential and Industrial, Painting and Roofing and Maintenance services.

Via our 4 founding companies (Ash Coatings, Ash Property Maintenance, Australian Paint Industries and Gillan roofing), we combine the value of an established heritage and substantial knowledge base with the latest products and technologies.  This ensures our customers have access to the finest possible ideas, methods, products and services that suit their needs.

Our Values

Everything Argyle Maintenance does as a company, is guided by our core values of:

  • Safety & Quality
  • Commitment to our customers
  • Efficient & reliable service
  • Transparency
  • Partnership

These values steer all decisions we make as a company, as tradespeople and as partners with our clients.

Our Approach

At Argyle Maintenance, our guiding principle is to deliver great value and great service to our customers.  So we use a personalised and collaborative approach for each project – making sure we work side by side with our customers to deliver a solution that is tailor made specifically for them.

Importantly, we offer additional value to our customers via the established relationships we have with a number of suppliers. These associations ensure superior support, efficient delivery schedules and competitive pricing for customers.

Our People and their Safety is Our Top Priority

“All injuries are preventable” is the mantra that forms the basis of our safety culture.  We are committed to ensuring all Occupational Health and Safety issues are identified, assessed and managed to ensure minimum risk to employees, contractors, customers and the environment. 

You make the call - we’ll make it happen!

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